“Only in the highly organized, carefully designed and globally interconnected metropolis does any hope exist for coping successfully with future resource scarcities.”

Richard L. Meier, Planning for an Urban World, MIT Press, 1974

Urban Resource Systems

Who We Are

Cities are now where the majority of the world’s population lives. Urban ecosystems, if designed and redesigned for both resource conservation and resource production, can become an important part of global solutions to address climate change.

Urban Resource Systems is a small, San Francisco-based non profit organization that was launched 40 years ago with the belief that cities needed to become resource producers and not just consumers. At the same time, we believe it is essential to involve the community in these production strategies as a first step for many in appreciating natural systems and the environment.

We have focused our work primarily on local projects in San Francisco, but always with a global perspective. Please examine our website and consider supporting our work.

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