Current Projects

Just One Tree

Just One Tree Project was launched in 2012 with the goal of illustrating that cities can be far more sustainable in food production.  San Francisco is the second most-dense city in America and we hope this project will illustrate that any city can be more self-reliant in producing food.

Our target crop for San Francisco is the Lemon Tree.  We selected a crop that is vertical since we are limited in land (only 49 square miles) in our City by the Bay.  The Bay Area is deficient in citrus according to a SAGE Study ( San Francisco Food Shed Assessment ) and lemons (especially Improved Meyer Lemons) grow very well in San Francisco.  Our target is to ensure that 12,000 lemon trees are registered, planted and thriving — providing approximately 3 pounds of lemons per person per year (for 850,000 pop.)– total self sufficiency in this useful crop.  An estimated 3-4,000 lemon trees already exist in backyards according to the Department of Public Works.  The project has registered close to 2000 trees to date.

Adah’s Garden Project

Adah’s Stairway – Looking Down

Adah’s Garden project aims to create a beautiful open space and thriving habitat right in the middle of San Francisco near Buena Vista Park. The site is a one-block plot of unmanaged land at the end of Waller Street (called a “Street End Right-of-Way” by the Department of Public Works). The project started at the request of Adah Bakalinsky, a long-time open space advocate, especially for San Francisco’s many stairways. The City named the space after her but it was in shambles. She contacted neighbors of the space (initially organized by Isabel Wade of URS and Bonnie Fisher). Subsequent fundraising, City of SF grants for open space improvement, and maintenance efforts by Nature in the City, have transformed the site into a unique and attractive space and environmental asset. Unfortunately, vandalism at the end of 2020 has ruined much of the irrigation and planting that was installed. We hope a fundraising campaign will allow for the restoration of the space and assist with a long-term maintenance effort. URS is serving as a fiscal sponsor in collaboration also with other partners to preserve this lovely jewel in the city’s green necklace.